The year is 1986. Mikhail Gorbachev, who will later become the most controversial leader of the Soviets, is giving reform signals to a huge country that has just begun its mission and is beginning to deteriorate. We are faced with a situation where the union begins to rot and corruption spreads to every point of the system. Even the sacred ideology of the state has begun to be discussed, and the supporters of their separation are raising their voices. Political ambitions prevail over the social good, the primary purpose of the establishment of the Soviet Union, and a single elite group has a say.
The most feared thing to encounter in a country where there is no merit and obedience opens every door is an extraordinary situation. As such, the Soviet Union is facing a disaster that has never been faced by any country in the world. There is an explosion in the nuclear reactor of Chernobyl, a small city on the Ukraine-Belarus border in the north of Ukraine. The Union is economically, politically and militarily in trouble. There is only one question in mind of the whole world, especially the Soviet citizens: “Will the Politburo be able to solve this problem by taking the right steps?”